As a mother I feel the utmost privilege to work with families and make a positive difference in their lives.

There is nothing more comforting than a baby sleeping. Knowing your child is receiving the sleep they need can ease the challenges you have every day and most importantly, add to your family’s happiness and wellbeing.

Being a mother of two I understand first hand the desire to want what’s best for your children, and how hard it can be to achieve this when sleep deprived and exhausted. I also understand the effects of a non-sleeping baby and how this issue can lead to wider implications for the entire family.

Therefore, from my own experience as a mother, and an extensive background in midwifery and nursing has given me unique insight into the specific challenges faced by parents and the need to regain sanity, confidence and balance in their life. Becoming a baby sleep specialist came naturally to me but I felt that my natural compassion and empathy were not enough. I therefore became certified and trained by an internationally recognised sleep consultancy organisation, allowing me to apply scientifically proven, research based methods to my practice.

I am based in Melbourne however I provide phone and online support to parents throughout Australia and Internationally.

With endless information available on sleep solutions it is easy to get overwhelmed, and being exhausted doesn’t make it easier. It’s so important to trust your sleep consultant and know that you are receiving advice that suits your individual needs.

As a certified baby sleep consultant my services include:

  • A holistic approach to your baby’s sleep needs
  • Consideration of your individual lifestyle and beliefs
  • Your choice of home support, phone or online support
  • Support throughout different developmental stages of your baby’s or baby toddler’s life
  • Follow up phone consultations
  • Email support
  • Local, national and international services