Brighton is a largely populated, beautiful coastal suburb of Melbourne. The proximity to the CBD, beaches, parks make this suburb a desirable area for many families. The most recent population census shows 4.7% of the total population are infants and toddlers aged 0 – 4. This age group is susceptible to poor sleeping habits and often causes distress to parents.

Poor sleep affects your baby’s overall health and development. A crying baby or an overtired, fussy toddler can lead to a disturbed sleep for you and your partner. You may be awakened and up attempting to settle your infant night after night. This is where we as a baby sleep consultants in Brighton can be of value.

Mother-in-Touch’s Approach to your Baby’s Sleep in Brighton

Are you looking for a baby sleep consultant who will understand your infant’s sleep problems and develop a customised sleep plan? Leanne, at Mother in Touch offers baby sleep consultation services in Brighton. She has extensive experience of 25 years as a midwife and registered nurse. Her unique approach combines your baby’s biological needs based on scientific evidence with a warm compassion and understanding of your family’s requirements.

Leanne believes in a two-way approach. She empowers parents with more confident in handling their child’s sleep allowing them to self-settle instead of forming habits whereby they rely on parents to put them to sleep. In this way, she assists in developing healthy sleep habits.

Leanne’s Extensive Baby Sleep Solutions in Brighton

Leanne provides various baby sleep solutions in Brighton in the comfort of your home. She is your baby sleep consultant in Brighton who deals with all baby sleep problems. Her range of services includes the following:

  • Help on how to create the correct sleep environment for your baby’s sleep.
  • Support, reassurance and confidence to know you are doing what is needed to develop healthy sleep habits.
  • Sleep settling techniques including secret tips that will change your life.
  • Affordable 6-week newborn survival package with regular weekly visits.
  • Phone consultant for your newborn baby’s sleep.
  • From newborn sleep up to age 4 years.

Sleep consultations for baby or toddler including;

  • Baby sleep regressions.
  • Cat napping.
  • Early morning wake-ups.
  • Frequent night time wakings
  • Inability to self-settle.
  • Sleep associations such as feeding to sleep.

The above solutions to your baby sleep problems in Brighton, Mother in Touch, helps you remain calm and allows you more free-time for you and your family.

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