Children’s Sleep Problem Solutions

If sleep is a real problem in your home, then a baby sleep consultation may be the best choice for you and your family.

What happens during a Baby Sleep Consultation

Mother in Touch baby sleep consultant services, Melbourne, will take your baby, toddler or child from sleepless night to peaceful and restful nights for the whole family.

During your baby’s sleep consultation we take into consideration;

  • Feeding and nutrition and how it may affect sleep.
  • Environment – getting it right.
  • Routine – age appropriate tailored to your family.
  • Baby Sleep Regressions and how to get through each stage.
  • A choice of children’s sleep problem solutions.
  • Sleep Settling techniques- secret tips that will change your life.
  • Support, reassurance and confidence to know you are doing what is needed to develop healthy sleep habits.

Mother In Touch Baby sleep consultants approach is to resolve all Children’s sleep Problems resulting in calm, easy bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps, and predictable schedules to allow more free-time for yourself and your family.

Children’s Sleep Problem Solutions

You baby sleep solutions are only a phone call away. Contact mother in touch baby sleep consultants, Melbourne

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On Line Baby Sleep Consultation

This baby sleep consultation is a perfect for someone who has a busy lifestyle and is confident to implement their baby’s sleep plan with the support via phone.

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2 Hour In-Home Consultation

When your child’s sleep problems are more complex and you will benefit from a more personalised baby sleep consultation. Being in your home, a sleep expert will have a better perspective of your situation and this helps many clients feel more relaxed and gives the sleep expert the opportunity to observe the best solution for you and your child.

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Evening & Overnight Consultation

Are you struggling to get your baby to sleep through the night?

When night times are your biggest struggle with frequent wake ups an overnight sleep consultation is the best way to solve your children’s sleep problems. The sleep expert stays overnight and gives you hands-on help and support with any overnight wake-ups and resettling. You also have follow up for 2 weeks after the sleep consultation

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6 Week Newborn Survival Package
(From Birth to 16 Weeks)

It’s time to bring your newborn baby home – now what?!

The baby sleep consultation packages are suitable for any parent, in the comfort of your home throughout Melbourne including Elwood, Brighton, Toorak, Malvern, Beaumaris, Altona, Essendon, Moorabbin, Doncaster and Port Melbourne.

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