How do I know which is the best package for me?

Take advantage of my FREE 15minute phone consult to help you decide which is the best option for you.

Do you work with babies and children?

I work with newborns from 3 weeks and children up to 5 years old.

What is the best age to seek advice when your baby is having trouble with sleep?

Helping your child sleep and establishing healthy sleep habits assists in your child staying settled, healthy and happy throughout the day. Therefore, the earlier you seek help with sleep the better outcomes for you and your family.

Do you work with twins?

Yes! I definitely I working with twins. I find working with twins especially rewarding.

Do you only use Cry It Out?

No, I use all forms of sleep training, from Cry It Out to gentle sleep training. I only use age appropriate techniques, and consider your parenting style and your child’s temperament.

I provide you with different options for sleep training and support you to feel comfortable and confident with the methods you choose.

What do your sleep training methods involve?

My methods involve teaching your baby to self-settle (for babies over 4 months). I work with you to recognise your baby’s existing sleep associations and enable you to comfort your baby in other ways.

Does my baby need a dummy?

Sucking is an important reflex for survival as it ensures babies instinctively and immediately seek out breastfeeding shortly after birth. A newborn baby’s desire to suck is very strong and not all the sucking your baby tries is related to hunger and wanting to be fed. Sucking when not hungry is often referred to as ‘non-nutritive sucking’ and for some babies this can act as an inbuilt coping mechanism for extra comfort.

How do I know when my baby needs to drop from 2 naps to 1 nap during the day?

A baby’s nap schedule is in a continuous state of change, especially in the early months.

Your individualised sleep plan will outline what is best for your baby taking into account their age and temperament.

What are sleep associations?

Sleep associations are props that your baby needs to fall asleep. Establishing positive sleep associations will become predictable and allow your baby or toddler to understand when its sleep time.

Should I dream feed my baby?

The intention of the dream feed is to minimise potential overnight wakings due to hunger.

Will my baby sleep through the night?

I believe it is really helpful to start setting up good sleep habits from as early on as you can. Some infants as young as 3 months old can sleep for six to eight hours at a stretch. But most babies (70 percent) do sleep through the night by the time they are 9 months, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleeping “through the night” usually means sleeping for eight to 12 hours straight without needing a night time feed.

Does starting solids or formula help sleeping through the night?

Studies have shown that babies who have solid food at a young age do not sleep any better than babies who are not given solid foods.

What sort of package do I need?

Take advantage of my FREE 15minute phone consult to help you decide which is the best option for you.

What do I get in my sleep plan?

My sleep assessments are extremely comprehensive guides, they outlining all aspects affecting your baby or toddlers sleep.


What if I have to reschedule my booking?

Your payment secures your booking. However, I do understand that unexpected events occur. Bookings can be postponed once and must be rebooked within 30 days of the original booking.

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

I understand there are times when life gets in the way, especially when it comes to children.

I require no less than 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations, of which the full investment will be refunded. In the event you choose to cancel your appointment less than 24 hours prior to your booking 50% of your fee will be retained as non-refundable deposit.

When is payment required?

Payment is required in full prior to the consultation.

Once you have decided on which package is best for you, you simply book on line or contact me directly and confirm the date and time.

You will then receive an invoice for the total amount of the consultation.

Are there additional costs?

You are supported for the predetermined period of time for the chosen package. Should you require additional support you can purchase additional weeks which will give you the support you may require.