Do You Need an Infant Sleep Coach?

Many parents contact Mother In Touch, when they are desperate and exhausted. They have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Everyone in the household is tired and no one is getting enough sleep and no one is happy.

If you are experiencing any of the following you would benefit from an Infant Sleep Coach.

Do I need an Infant Sleep Coach

  • You are exhausted and lack of sleep is taking its toll
  • You have tried many sleep options and nothing is helping
  • Your baby is cat napping, resulting in an overtired baby or toddler
  • You are struggling with early morning wake ups
  • You are feeding or rocking your baby to sleep
  • Multiple night time waking
  • Your days are unpredictable with no set times for naps
  • Anxiety and stress over trying to get your baby to sleep
  • Is your toddler climbing into your bed during the night
  • You dread going to sleep for the night, as you don’t know how many times you will be up during the night
  • Your returning to work and would like to eliminate night feeding
  • Your feeling helpless and have tried everything and nothing seems to work

We offer in home sleep consultations in Melbourne including Elwood, Brighton, Malvern, Beaumaris, Point Cook, Altona, Keilor, Moorabbin, Doncaster and Port Melbourne.

Our online sleep consultations for infant sleep training is Australia wide.