6 Week Newborn Survival Package

(From Birth to 16 Weeks)

Leanne Trevor
Certified Baby Sleep Consultant
Mother In Touch’s Expert Consultant
Midwife and Registered Nurse



It’s time to bring your newborn baby home – now what?!

One of the most important transitions in your life is into motherhood. There is so much focus on pregnancy and birth and often parents go home with their newborn and feel overwhelmed and unprepared for the early months.
As a baby sleep consultant, midwife, registered nurse and a mother of 2 children, I understand the feeling of what is was like in the early months of being a parent.
The overwhelming emotions of joy, exhausted and sleep deprived.

My 6-week newborn sleep consultation package provides you with the skills and confidence on how to survive the early months of your baby’s life. It will set you up for success and to start developing healthy sleep habits for you and your baby.
You can choose to schedule your baby sleep consultations from your first week at home or anywhere during the first 16 weeks of your baby’s birth.
During your baby sleep consultations my guidance with you will help parents achieve balance in their life, regaining your sanity and confidence. The outcome is happier and healthier children and confident parents in a nurturing home environment. I feel privileged to be able to work with families to make a positive difference in their lives.

The follow up after every baby sleep consultation service is a crucial part of the service provided. This follow up support is critical because many families need and appreciate the compassionate help they receive during this time and this support becomes an integral part of their child’s sleeping success!


I visit you, for a 1.5 hours consultations, in the comfort of your home every week for 6 weeks.
You will have unlimited phone and text follow up support for the entire 6 weeks.
Expert advice from a midwife on all aspects of a newborn’s life including caring for yourself.
Tips on napping expectations and gently extending night time sleep.
Recognising tired signs in your newborn and how to calm a fussy baby.
A gentle, proven settling/re-settling technique.
A sleep plan for your newborn.

My visits will be tailored to your individual needs.

Visit 1

  • Your Baby’s Sleep Environment
  • Bathing and baby massage
  • Tired signs
  • Awake times
  • Breastfeeding assistance

Visit 2

  • Feeding and nap schedules
  • Colic and reflux

Visit 3

  • Nurturing mum