Leanne conducted a thorough assessment of my baby’s daily routine and sleep issues. She took into consideration my personal parenting style and gave me a clear plan to follow, with different options so I could choose the techniques that I felt most comfortable with. After a few days and nights of sticking to the new schedule, my baby is now sleeping through the night, which means my husband and I, as well as my three year old who used to wake when the baby cried at night, are all getting better sleep too!

After little baby Harry was born, I was sleep deprived, overwhelmed and struggled adjusting to motherhood. Sadly, I knew that baby Harry was sleep deprived too! I was doing the best I could with the minimal skills I had but always wondered: “How do other mothers do this?” “Why am I struggling so much with managing a new baby into my life” I was in survival mode and was desperate for change! That is when Leanne Trevor was recommended. And thank goodness. Leanne changed my life! She gave me the support, tools, personal strategy (according to my needs/wants), and most importantly the confidence to love my baby by using a nap schedule. Within days Harry was sleeping better, eating better, pooping better, happier, and was easier to handle. Within days I started catching up on my sleep and I felt like a new woman! I was much happier and most importantly I could truly start loving and enjoying my new baby! Leanne was like a breath of fresh air! If I would have known how much value Leanne could offer, I would have called her as soon as I gave birth. I had such a positive experience, I have referred Leanne to all my friends and family who are having babies, or who are struggling with the sleep habits of their children! I can sincerely say that Leanne is worth every cent! Thank you Leanne! I wouldn’t have survived without you!


Leanne’s service is five star; she was able to answer all my questions and gave me the confidence to ditch the dummy. Her routine for my 5 month old was a game changer- my babe no longer fights his day naps and is sleeping until 6-630am. I highly recommend Leanne

Sanja Nenadic


Our baby was going through the 4 month sleep regression and hadn’t gotten out of it. He was waking often and cat napping. We decided to get Leanne in overnight and chose spaced soothing as our method. It was really hard listening to Luka cry for periods but we knew it was the right thing for everyone. (I thibk gradual withdrawal would have been harder!) We saw results virtually overnight for the night time sleeping. The hardest was the lunch time nap which we are still working on – it seems he will get there in his own time for that one.
Leanne was professional, communicative, and considerate. Her experience meant she was able to effectively tweak the strategy as needed and her insights were valuable. Would recommend her to a friend and would use Leanne again if needed.

Sanja Nenadic


Our little boy was an ok sleeper- but not great. At 4 months we could take 90 minutes to settle him at night and he could wake 2-3 times and daytime naps were hit and miss. We were all just tired and did not want to prolong bad habits. We sort Leanne’s help to learn hands on skills. Leanne visited our home and with her calm, supportive and easy going attitude we were immediately at ease. She built us a plan and we saw marked results in a week. She maintained contact to offer tips and support. We now have one wake overnight and he self settles before each nap. Our entire house is happy and rested. Can’t thank Leanne enough

Ainsley Middleton


My husband convinced me to look at getting a sleep consultant and so we got in contact with Leanne…..and let me say, I’m so very glad we did!

Leanne came over to our house to help with our 10month old who needed to be rocked to sleep every sleep and was waking every 3h overnight. We were surprised with with the results. After a week the little one was sleeping through the night with no night wakings! She’s also adjusted very well to the routine that Leanne has curated specifically for her.

My husband and I have got more time for ourselves and everyone is much happier (baby included!).

Adna Kajim


I contacted Leanne after struggling through multiple night wakings with my 6 month old and months of very little sleep. She is so knowledgeable and her approach is gentle and flexible. After the initial phone consultation, she was able to personalise a plan for us. She then came into our home to help us with its implementation. It was a tough first night but the very next day our little boy was following the schedule to the letter and sleeping like an absolute champ. I am just so happy that we found Leanne and beyond grateful for her help and support. I would recommend her to anyone who needs support with infant sleep, she is wonderful!

Helen Lachal


Leanne helped us get our sleep back! I have 9 month old triplets, and i never thought that i would ever be able to sleep in my own room! After weeks of having pretty much no sleep to going to sleeping in my own bed all night without having to get up once, has been a dream come true!
The girls now know how to put themselves back to sleep at night without crying.
I highly recommend Leanne, she will work wonders on your little one. We could not be happier 😊

Lolooh Effendi


Our son has been a terrible sleeper since birth. We struggled on for 13 months and tried numerous sleep programs and sleep consultants and nothing worked. During a particularly terrible time we called Leanne in desperation and she had our son sleeping 11 hours overnight within two days. We couldn’t believe it! We can also just put him down in the cot wide awake and walk away and he settles himself to sleep. It used to take us an hour to get him to sleep every night and then he would wake 30-45 mins later. We are so grateful to have our evenings back. We couldn’t recommend Leanne more.

Marie Brandford


Leanne helped us with our 9.5 month old daughter who loved waking early and having inconsistent daytime naps. Leanne was lovely and full of knowledge. She advised us on a routine, along with some very helpful tips and techniques. We started seeing changes immediately, I couldn’t believe it! It’s made such a difference to us all and we are so grateful!

Pip Heard


Leanne has been so amazing to work with. I have a 1 year old child who has co slept with me all year and been rocked, held and breastfed to sleep. I literally felt like I was getting no sleep. Once I called Leanne everything improved from the first night. Sasha slept through the first night and is doing really well with her morning nap. The afternoon nap, as I was warned, has been the hardest but with perseverance it is getting to be a lot better. I have completed week 1 and everything is going smoothly. I will say that you MUST be prepared to follow the guidelines and avoid too many interruptions in the early stages. You must stop yourself succumbing to guilt and going to your child before the time allocations. My baby still loves me, is happier than ever and it hasn’t affected our relationship at all. Leanne will also check in regularly with assistance.
Thanks again Leanne.

Lauren Johnson


We first met Leanne when our 5 month old baby boy started to sleep in 2 hour blocks. We worked with Leanne to develop a sleep routine to provide structure and consistency on a day to day basis.

After a couple of days of implementing a settling technique that suited our son, results were evident.

Also having regular “check-ins” with Leanne during the implementation phase was critical as we could make any necessary changes in a timely manner.

Thank you Leanne!

Megan Stevenson


I contacted Leanne after seeing one of her videos on the Facebook Page Mums Supported. After trying (and failing) sleep school I was at the end of my rope. My 8 month old daughter wouldn’t self settle, wouldn’t sleep more than 30 minutes during the day and was waking multiple times during the night. Leanne asked about our lifestyle, routine, parenting techniques and came up with a sleep plan for our daughter. After following this for a day our darling girl slept the whole night through and has done ever since. My sleep and sanity is back, our little girl doesn’t constantly look tired anymore and we have a much more happier household. I can not thank Leanne enough for all her help and support. It’s honestly changed our lives. I strongly recommend her and will recommend her to any sleep deprived mother I meet.



Leanne’s name was passed on to us by another mum I know who had heard great things about her! We had attempted to get my 4 month old to sleep it seems like forever and was always unsuccessful. She had multiple wake ups during the night and naps consisted of us holding her…. Whenever we attempted to have her nap in the cot she would just cry! It came down to one weekend my baby was awake every hour for four nights in a row. We were exhausted! In desperation I contacted Leanne and received a very swift response from her. We filled in the very detailed in take form and Leanne and I had phone consultation. The next day we made the necessary adjustments to my Baby’s room as Leanne had suggested making it a conductive sleeping environment. Once the room was ready we focused on the daytime schedule Leanne had outlined. Within 1-2 days my baby was having two naps a day both for 2 hours at time in her cot! Night time she was having one to two wakes up only!! 
I have nothing but fantastic praise for Leanne. She was a lifesaver and always responded to my questions in a timely fashion. I have already recommended her too many of my friends and would continue to do so.  Thank you so much Leanne!!